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"You've written a wonderful book that educates, informs, and entertains. I don't get to say this often about textbooks: my students actually enjoy reading your book."

- Steven Skaggs, Professor, Waubonsee Community College (IL)

Follow the Money

Follow the Money appears regularly in each issue of The Northstar (Danville, Vermont).

Since its debut in July 2001, the column has informed about economics and financial concerns somewhat related to current events.

Personal Finance v 1.1

Personal Finance is a textbook for a financial literacy course typically offered in higher or secondary education. What sets this text apart is the firm grounding in market behavior on both a personal and an economic level, showing students how to navigate their personal finance decisions given market contexts.

Originally published in 2010, with an updated version in 2014, the text has over 125 course adoptions globally.