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Is this the fastest editing service out there?

No, but careful and thorough editing takes time and effort.

Is this the cheapest editing service out there?

No, in all senses of the word.

Your work reflects your professionalism.  It's worth it.

Are there better subject matter experts in finance and economics?

Yes, but they are too busy running the world to edit your work.

"It was very comforting to have a competent and skilled editor... few people I have ever met understand  the emotional discomfort from having to obey criteria..."

- Katrin Gottschalk, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Auckland University of Technology

What makes this service unique:

No outsourcing/no freelancers

Your work is my living: you have my undivided attention.

Project cost is estimated based on the project length and complexity rather than the labor-hour.

I work until your work is at its best.

Please contact Writers' Hedge for an estimate.